Brixton “Walk the Talk”


How can AQ data encourage more connected, healthier communities?



Loop Labs, Local Primary schools and Community Organisations, Ogilvy Change, Lambeth Council (Public Health, Sustainable Travel)

We worked with citizens to design interventions that can encourage new attitudes towards air quality and air pollution. The Brixton Listening Lab fused participatory design, data, and play to codesign urban services that approach sustainability from a different angle through behaviour change, community sensing, data visualisation and ambient technology.

The six month feasibility study funded by Innovate UK prototyped a data-driven urban behaviour change model to focus on nudging walking behaviours in the urban environment as a way of improving air quality, providing individual and public health tools, and building community connectedness. The intervention focused on decreasing driving behaviour for walkable journeys. Around 50% of all car journeys in London are under 3km.

Collaborating with local partners Transport for London, Lambeth Council, schools and other community leaders we co-created “Badgerscape”,

a game allowing children to gain virtual game lives via parental / adult tracked walking activity.

In the prototype, children gather points collected from adult team members to rise through game levels. Points are generated by adults on a smart phone tracking app, which can track walking behaviour such as steps, distance, calories, and map routes.   Data generated by kids and their adult teams are currently aggregated and visualized in player leaderboards. By designing with the children, Walk the Talk was able to design for the narrative styles and characters that allowed information, incentive and motivation to come alive through the eyes of children, their parents and the connected community.

Project details


John Smith


Elon Musk

Project date

31 December 2017

Project location

California, USA