Elephant and Castle


Deployment of AQ sensors to support testing of innovative NOx reduction technologies



Lend Lease, Southwark Council, King’s College

Working with property developer Lend Lease and Southwark council, we are deploying a number of NOx specific, real-time sensing nodes that will enable testing of innovative NOx reduction technologies.

A design of experiment has been developed that will test the use of a novel photocatalytic paint which scrubs NOx pollutants from the surrounding air when exposed to the air. The first 6 months of the trial consists of the sensors measuring the environment to establish a baseline.

This was followed in 2015 by the introduction of the paint, the test will then continue for a further 6 months. AQ sensors will be used to validate the effectiveness of the new photocatalytic paint and includes a comparative trial with the London Air Quality Array within Elephant and Castle. Trials with the photocatalytic paint are being outlined within the scope of this project with the potential for a transparent coating being included on all surfaces in order to maximise the coverage of this innovative substance.