Water analytics and Intelligent Sensing for Demand Optimised Management

How can ICT optimise water distribution networks and encourage customer behaviour change?



CSTB, Advantic, Cardiff Council, Provincia della Spezia


New business and technology platforms are required to manage urban water resources. FP7 funded WISDOM aims to achieve a step change in water and energy savings via the integration of innovative ICT frameworks to optimise water distribution networks while inducing change in consumer behaviour through innovative demand management and adaptive pricing schemes.

Fundamental to this framework are the needs of users and stakeholders and this requires the interoperability of a number of demand and operational models, fed with data from diverse sources such as sensor networks and crowdsourced information.


Adaptive and intelligent analytics will be used to produce decision support systems that will drive the ability to increase the variability of both supply and consumption.

The WISDOM framework will be modelled and simulated with initial testing at an experimental facility in France (AQUASIM), then installed and evaluated in Cardiff (UK) and La Spezia (Italy).

Considering TV White Spaces  for a potential spectrum for Machine-to-Machine and Wireless Sensor Network communications in near future.